USCAA Link: Economic Impact

Economic Impacts

The USCAA National Championships create varying degrees of economic impacts on the communities they visit. Below you will find additional economic information on each event, as well as hotel room nights by sport and participants by sport. All of these factors affect the economic impact our events can have on your community. The data included here is based upon the most recent host cities data. Estimates can be expected to increase in larger areas because of multipliers, which are not included in this data.


Site: State College, PA (Metro Population: 155,400)

Site: Charleston, WV (Metro Population: 224,750)

Site: Canton, NY (Population: 11,000)

Site: Syracuse, NY (Metro Population: 662,500)

Site: Uniontown, PA (Population: 11,000)

Site: Springfield, IL (Metro Population: 208,100)

Site: Akron, OH (Metro Population: 701,500)

Additional Information


Participant figures include student-athletes, coaches, staff members, fans and families that travel to the championship event. These numbers do not include local fans, which on average increases the participant numbers by 25 percent per sport (exception: Golf).

Hotel room night figures include room nights at the host hotel and other hotels that have specific agreements with the USCAA. These figures do not include fans staying at other hotels in the region. Estimates indicate an increase of 15 to 20 percent more room nights per event.