USCAA Announces Professional Webcasting of Championships with Tourbeau Sports

USCAA Announces Professional Webcasting of Championships with Tourbeau Sports

USCAA Announces Professional Webcasting of Championships with Tourbeau Sports

NEWPORT NEWS, VA – The United States Collegiate Athletic Association has entered an agreement with Tourbeau Sports Group (TSG) to broadcast USCAA National Championship events.  The agreement will cover basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, and softball championships for the remainder of the 2013 season, as well as all championships in 2013-14.

Tourbeau Sports offers its clients an all-inclusive turntable solution for sports development in the media production industry. “We help national event hosts in producing and facilitating a wide array of media enterprises including video production, video streaming and hosting, social media and stat integration, live on-site audio commentary, local and national event sponsor integration, video marketing production of commercials and much more,” states TSG President Chase Neidig.

USCAA parents and fans will soon experience the quality of the new broadcasts, with its premiere at the 2013 National Basketball Championships in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.  Broadcasts will cover all 39 games in each of the USCAA’s four divisions of men’s and women’s basketball.  The USCAA has webcast the championships since 2009 through a free online platform, which inserts commercials into the broadcast at pre-determined times.   Tourbeau Sports Group will provide state of the art cameras and event producers, giving owner rights to the broadcast to TSG and the USCAA and allowing the association to monetize its broadcasts with commercial and ad sales, without burdening the user during broadcasts. 

“This is a major step in the evolution of the United States Collegiate Athletic Association,” states USCAA Chief Operating Officer Matt Simms.  “Tourbeau Sports seamlessly provides our organization with a broadcast network that gives instant credibility, an enhanced user experience, and a new revenue stream for the association.  We think our members and fans alike will be impressed with the quality of our new broadcasts.”

Tourbeau’s broadcasts will provide the USCAA with a branded online channel, live scores, game clock, and additional links that connect users with game recaps, box scores, and social media.  Additionally, Tourbeau will provide participating institutions with game film within ten minutes of the game and DVD sales to students, parents, and fans on their website following the conclusion of the Championships.

“We are so excited to partner with the USCAA, an organization who is committed to providing a professional and exciting experience for the fan, school and athlete within their association,” states Neidig.  “As a small, yet fast-growing organization just as Tourbeau Sports, the partnership with the USCAA was a perfect fit for Tourbeau Sports. We believe the partnership will increase the popularity and marketability of the USCAA by providing an intuitive, unique production to their national championships from start to finish.”

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